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May. 26th, 2005

wow! this is our last full week of school! i'm sooo happy! now we r just spending our time preparing for our exams and having fun. i really dont want to do any work. im just so sick and tired of it. my bro's b-day was yesterday and i did try to make it a happy one..i think he had a good day. this whole situation with my friend's, i believe, is gonna work out. i can only hope and pray that it will. so! oh yah, on friday, i hav a job interview (so exciting) im gonna be a wage earner..that sounds dorky. well her's an address for my manakin skywalker page. enjoy it! http://www.geocities.com/coyote5712/manakin_skywalkerpicpage.html

adios peeps!
o boy. im surprised im up rite now. i eventually did go to bed....not that neone cares, and i ended up readin many summaries of Fruits Basket chapter 109. it is soooo sad. it starts of with kyou not wanting to go with tohru and the others to the second annual grave-visition of kyoko's death. he does eventually go to the grave, decides to go visit his mothers grave, and there he meets....TOHRU'S GRANDFATHER...dun-dun..! kyou and her grandfather end up talkin about the relationship of katsuya, kyoko, and tohru (about the reason for the grandfather calling tohru kyoko, about katsuya's politeness, about tohru wanting to show some indication of her father in her by adopting his politeness).

later, kyou and tohru have a conversation together (while she is hangin up the laundry), and they talk about katsuya's impact on her and her mother's lives, and her wanting to show her politeness for he mother's sake. after this, kyou and tohru share a "hug" thru a sheet she had been previously hanging.

omg, these past few chapters have been sooooo sad. i love the interaction between kyou and tohru, however sad they may be. if i get a few images, i might post them up as well.

thank yew...come agin

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